It DID Happen Over A Coffee

That otherwise ordinary Tuesday afternoon would always remain afresh in my mind: I still vividly remember sipping my regular during the office-lunch-hour at a cafe close to my workplace and raking my brain for what I’d been forgetting. Suddenly it clicked: I’d planned to pick my Dadi’s denture from prosthodontist!Practically jumping out of my chair, […]

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In this world, it is amazing how all that is opposite is seamlessly stitched together like an oxymoron. Contradictions exist within everything that we see, and they add to the mystery of the whole. It surprises me that why the day follows night, why there are answers to Life’s questions but no solutions, and why […]

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Funny how we girls put together our images of ‘the one’: like stitching all the favorite colorful patches onto a single quilt. But as we grow; the fantasy world looks distant and we learn that ‘the one’ is not everything he’d be… So we mend the pieces of our broken hearts; graduating from one image […]

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Just a Dream?

On pages and in dreams,  I found something close  to my heart.  But what happens as the time ticks by, feels like you’re miles apart.  Note: If you liked this poem, please like, share, and comment. Your feedback will mean a lot, prompting me to improve my work. And yes, follow me here, and on […]

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Bad Woman

Pakistani TV serials are lauded across the world for their quality of production, direction and acting. The stories and screenplay are widely appreciated too but what irks me is the mistaken portrayal of women in the Pakistani media. In all the TV serials and soaps on-air (currently and in recent past), the women are portrayed […]

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The Curious Case of Love

The twisted part that I have; mere logic or magic can’t explain.The constant agony I face,maybe that’s something not as plain.They say suffering is mutualbut what happens is so unusual…I don’t even feel like saying!They say Love is capable of loving more…I wonder if it’s infidelity or generosity?I rest my case in the hands of […]

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It’s funny how the songs in our playlists are composedby some, sung by others; andloved by millions yet playing our playlistout loud kind of makes us vulnerable.

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Familiar Strangers

Amal scanned the bustling café from her vantage point, just off of the entrance foyer in Hotel Regent Plaza. It was not a huge space; the small, wrought-iron tables with two to four chairs around them cramped together. Seating arrangement in wedding halls allows much more privacy than this, she mused, thankfully aware that she […]

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Why should I say out loud What I’ve alluded to many times, Honestly? I’m really just nervous Ain’t playing no games or am proud! These beautiful nights call out, The music of silent darkness As well as the moon and the stars, Ask you to pick me, just me, out! But here I am, dreaming […]

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